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Wilmington Assembly Plant

Client: Harvey Hanna & Associates Owner: Harvey Hanna & Associates Status: On-Going Location: Wilmington, DE

The scope of the project includes demolishing the existing 3,000,000 SF Wilmington Assembly Plant including a 200’ tall brick stack and 150’ tall steel water tower. All buildings and structures onsite will be removed.

ACD is currently removing the buildings, processing salvageable materials and removing them from the site via truck and rail. The work is being completed using ACD’s fleet of excavators ranging from 20 ton up to 125 tons, outfitted with grapples and hydraulic shears. ACD is working closely with the site owner to plan and perform the work in a manner that allows them access for preconstruction and development of the. Upon completion of the demolition the site will be commercially developed with state of the art warehousing and logistics facilities.